Half Hollow Hills Prevails Over Connetquot to Advance to Semifinals

On Wednesday in the Suffolk Class A quarterfinals number one seed Half Hollow Hills and  nine seed Connetquot clashed at Half Hollow Hills West. This highly anticipated matchup between two formidable teams promised excitement, and it certainly delivered, culminating in a riveting contest after their one goal game in the regular season that went in favor of Half Hollow Hills. Ultimately, it was once again Half Hollow Hills who emerged victorious, clinching a hard-fought win with a final score of 13-9.

From the opening whistle, it was evident that both Connetquot and Half Hollow Hills were determined to assert their dominance on the field. The game was characterized by intense competition, with each quarter presenting its own set of challenges and opportunities for both teams. Despite Connetquot’s valiant efforts to stage a comeback, Half Hollow Hills maintained their lead throughout the game, showcasing their resilience and composure under pressure.

Throughout the game, standout players on both sides demonstrated their skill and determination. Aydan DeLiso of Connetquot showcased his offensive prowess with 2 goals, while Jake Gallose and John Insinga each added 3 points to their team’s tally. Goalkeeper Connor FitzGibbon demonstrated how he was a brick wall all season with 18 saves, maintaining a commendable save percentage of 58%.

For Half Hollow Hills, Anthony Raio stood out with impressive performances, contributing 7 points on 4 goals and 3 assist Joseph Filardi adding 4 points on 2 goals and 2 assist. Goalkeeper Sal Santoro displayed remarkable agility and reflexes, tallying 15 saves and boasting an excellent save percentage of 62%.

As the season continues for Hills they advance to the Class A semifinals where they will face the Huntington Blue Devils on Saturday at 12pm on their home turf. For Connetquot this marks the end of their season which saw them go 8-8 in the regular season along with a playoff victory in the opening round against Longwood.


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