Lynbrook Lacrosse Triumphs Over Roslyn in Opening Round

In a captivating lacrosse showdown held at Lynbrook on Thursday, Lynbrook secured a hard-fought victory against Roslyn, ending the game with a final score of 14-8 to keep their season alive and advance to the Class C Quarterfinals.

The game opened with a tight first quarter, with Roslyn edging ahead 3-2. However, Lynbrook rallied in the second quarter, outscoring Roslyn 6-3 to take the lead. The momentum continued into the third quarter, with Lynbrook extending their advantage by scoring four goals to Roslyn’s solitary point. Despite a valiant effort by Roslyn in the final quarter, Lynbrook maintained their composure to secure the win with a final score of 14-8.

The statistical breakdown of the game highlights the contributions of key players from both teams. For Roslyn, Casey Rhine stood out with two goals and one assist, while Isabella Schiff also made an impact with two goals.

On the Lynbrook side, Brooke Mazzei was instrumental in the victory, leading her team with an impressive three goals and three assists. Luci Miata showcased her playmaking ability with four goals, Penelope Yaker added on one goal and three assists. Goalkeepers Mary Costello and Delia Kirkpatrick combined for a total of five saves to help secure the win.

The victory mens that Lynbrook will be playing another game this season as they head to the quarterfinals where they will take on the number two seed Wantagh Warriors on Saturday at 9:45. Roslyn who won their play-in game against Friends Academy to qualify for the playoffs see’s their season come to an end and will look to find themselves right back in the postseason next year.


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