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LILJ Girls HSBL Playoff Preview: Liberty

In today’s playoff preview, we will take a look at Liberty, a team of young athletes that have been impressive during the season. Liberty finished as the fifth seed with a 2-5-1 record. Forget the record, this team is scrappy and plays tough every game.

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LILJ Girls HSBL Playoff Preview: The Falcon Warriors

In today’s preview, we will take a look at the Falcon Warriors who finished the season 2-7 and are the sixth seed in the playoffs. The Falcon Warriors started the season strong with a convincing 26-8 victory, but scratched and clawed the rest of the season to get their second W. We will take a look at some of the players that need to play well for them to make a run in the playoffs, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they match up against their upcoming opponent.

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LILJ Girls HSBL Playoff Preview: Harborfields Tornadoes

For the upcoming playoffs, we will need a second look at each team to understand how the team plays, their personnel, and some strategies these teams can use in order to win the inaugural LILJ HSWL Championship! For each day this week, previews will be dropping for every team that competed in the winter league. Let’s kick it off withe Tornadoes of Harborfields.

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LILJ Girls HSWL Week 7 RECAP – End of Regular Season. Get ready for Playoffs!

After seven weeks of incredible play, the girls winter box league regular season comes to an end with the Manhasset Indians as the number one seed. Will any team come up big against them next week in the playoffs?

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LILJ Girls HSBL Week 6 Recap: Defensive Battles All Day!

Game 1: Blue Devils vs. Falcon Warriors

The Blue Devils came into today as the fourth seed in the league and they hoped to sneak a win against the Falcon Warriors to move up a spot. The Falcon Warriors only had two subs for this game and didn’t have their goalie so for the second week in a row, as stud Jacob Bruno had to step-up and play.

The Blue Devils took their time offenseively and settled for only high percentage looks all game long. Both defenses showed up, not allowing either team to score for the first ten minutes of the game. Jordan Forte squeezed the first goal of the game past Bruno with 15 minutes to go in the first half.

Payton Tini answered right back to tie the game. The Blue Devils took control of the first half when Tess Calabria and Emma Toner scored back to back goals. Then, Calabria scooped a ground ball after a rebound and slammed it in, adding to the Blue Devils early lead. Calabria scored two goals in the last minute of the half to give the Blue Devils a 7-3 lead going into the break.

Coming out of halftime, the Falcons Warriors star, Madison Taylor, was noticeably upset and took the game over to comeback. She started the half with a wrap around goal to open the half. After, she found Kayla Van Cott for a goal.

On defense, Taylor fouled Forte who forced an 8-meter. Forte could not convert the 8-meter and Taylor got the rebound and went coast-to-coast for the goal to make the score 7-6. After three consecutive unsuccessful 8-meters by Taylor, the Blue Devils took the rebound and found Toner for the score after great fast break ball movement.

With eight minutes left in the game, Forte scored to give the Blue Devils a one point lead. Once the Blue Devils had the ball again, they decided to stall for a total of four minutes on offense. With two minutes left, the Falcon Warriors pulled off a perfect double team to force a turnover. Taylor picked up the ground ball and scored to tie the game at 9-9.

Finally, with just 30 seconds left, the Blue Devils had the ball and gave it to Gianna Forte who weaved her way through the Falcon Warriors defense and scored the game-winning goal as time expired giving the Blue Devils a 10-9 win and a chance at the third seed. What an amazing game!

Hton game winning goal at the buzzer! 🎥: @LiLaxJournal

Game 2: Falcon Warriors vs. Indians

In back-to-back games, the Falcon Warriors had to come-back after the loss and play the best team in the league. Madison Taylor started the game off by driving through the defense and scoring. After that, the Indians went on to score seven goals in a row led by Emma LoPinto with two of those seven goals.

Kayla Van Cott hit a long shot for the goal to end the run by the Indians. Taylor scored on an 8-meter to give the Falcon Warriors some life. Both teams would trade goals until the end of the first half and the score was 11-7 in favor of the Indians.

Once again, Taylor led towards the comeback by passing to Shannon Sullivan from the X for the goal. LoPinto answered by dishing the ball to Meagan Reilly for the goal. After a goal by Sullivan and Van Cott on consecutive possessions, the Falcon Warriors were down 12-11.

The Indians had to go on a scoring run of their own to push past the Falcon Warriors. Natalie Chan started it off by scoring on an 8-meter. Then, Alexis Morton got a rebound and scored. Grace Gately passed to Ashley Newman another goal for the Indians. Finally, LoPinto finished the job by throwing a couple pump fakes at Jacob Bruno before scoring. Lopinto ended with the hatrick and a very efficient performance as usual. The Falcon Warriors couldn’t make up the deficit in time and the Indians won 17-14 – securing their spot as the best team in the league during the regular season.

Game 3: Liberty vs. Tornadoes

Liberty looked to gain some momentum in the weeks before the playoffs so they could make some noise in them. Liberty quickly scored the first five goals which ended with an 8-meter by Charlotte Browne.

Mia Triolo scored the first goal for the Tornadoes after driving across the the goal and scored. After the face-off, Browne found Caitlin Kenney for the goal to increase Liberty’s lead. Then, after a missed shot, Browne went coast-to-coast for another Liberty goal. With ten seconds left in the first half, Sienna Longobardi scored to give Liberty an 8-3 lead.

To start the second half, Savana Connolly scored on an 8-meter. Then, on back-to-back possessions, Eleanor Dillmeier wrapped around the goal for the score and scooped a ground ball and scored to add to Liberty’s lead. Liberty took control of the game after those possessions and continued to score on the Tornadoes. The final score was 18-9 for Liberty who finds themselves in the fifth seed of the league. With playoffs starting in two weeks, each game is a chance for more practice for Liberty and with another win, they will be very confident going into the playoffs.

Game 4: Marines vs. Braves

In a defensive battle, the Long Beach Marines and Syosset Braves battled over the second seed of the league. After the opening face-off, each girl fought for every ground ball and played with incredible energy. Mallory Ngitngit scored the opening goal with a nice wrap around. Carly Greenbaum added to the Braves lead with a quick shot in front of the goal.

After winning a face-off, Ava Main takes the ball through the defense and scored for the Marines. Greenbaum immediately answered which gave the Braves a 4-2 lead. The physical defense of the Braves showed their grittiness during the game. The Braves star midfielder, Jillian Hooey played defense on Delaney Radin, the goals leader in the league, for most of the first half. Hooey used her quickness and physicality to force Radin into tough shots for most of the game.

Jessica Colalillo found a tough angle on the Marines goalie, Sarah Gusler, for the goal. To end the first half, Radin found Reagan Martinsen for the goal and the Marines were down 6-3 going into halftime.

Radin understood that her team needed to step up so during halftime she was giving her teammates tips about how to beat this stout defense. Radin started the second half dashing across the goal and scored against Ava Ceglia. The story of the second half was physicality and who could handle it better. In the second half, there were more than six 8-meters signaling that the defense was playing aggressively.

In an odd call by the referee, Radin shot on goal and Ceglia jumped in front to block the goal. However, the referee blew his whistle calling a foul on Ceglia and now Radin had a free 8-meter. Since Ceglia committed the foul, she had to line up behind Radin before the 8-meter which meant Radin had an open net and easily scored.

That 8-meter made the score 6-5 in favor of the Braves. The Braves scored two quick goals to give them an 8-5 lead, when Radin had another 8-meter. But, this time Ceglia was in front of the net and saved the shot. After, Martinsen had an 8-meter against Ceglia as well, and Ceglia came up big with another save. Finally, Radin had another chance with an 8-meter and threw some pump fakes at Ceglia and was able to score.

Two minutes later, Radin found Delaney Chernoff for the goal making the score 8-7 in favor of the Braves. With five minutes left in the game, Ngitngit wrapped around the goal and then spun away from a defender for an impressive goal giving the Braves a two point lead coming down the stretch.

With the  physical defense of the Braves and the superb goalie play by Ceglia, the Braves were able to stop the Marines from scoring again. Within the final minute, the referee continued to blow his whistle that stopped the play on the court but not the clock, so the Marines ran out of time and lost 9-7.

With the win, the Braves moved up to second place in the league while the Marines dropped two spots from second to fourth in the league. The current top five of the league goes: The Indians, The Braves, The Blue Devils, The Marines, and Liberty with the last week of the regular season coming up next week.

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LILJ HSBL Week 5 Recap; Playoffs Approaching!

Game 1: Marines vs. Falcon Warriors

The first goal was scored on an 8-meter for Delaney Radin who continues to lead the league in goals and points. Radin scored the first two goals for the Marines. Riley Forthofer and Payton Tini for the Falcons-Warriors quickly answered the two goals by Radin to tie the game.

After the game was tied, the Marines took over the first half scoring the next five goals. Ava Main passed to Radin for a goal, then Radin ran from the X in front of the goal and shot behind her back for another goal. Radin would finish the game with six goals bringing her league goals total to 39. Madison Taylor finally scored for the Falcon-Warriors with only four minutes left in the half making the score 7-3. Immediately after Taylor’s goal, Reagan Martinsen scored two goals in one minute for the Marines adding to their lead. The score at the end of the half was 10-3 Marines.

Kaila Van Cott, rising star for the Falcons, opened the second half with a goal. But, Radin answered right back by running right through the middle of the defense for another goal. Van Cott scored two more times in the second half trying to forge a comeback. Cate Miller also drove right down the middle of the Falcons-Warriors’ defense for a goal adding the their lead. Every time the Falcons-Warriors scored, the Marines would answer right back. The final score of the game was 20-12.

After winning the game, the Marines jumped to second place in the league passing the Braves. With playoffs coming in a couple of weeks, every game matters now and being in second place will help the Marines get a higher seed. However, for the Marines to make it to first place, the Indians would have to lose their last two games, and the Marines would have to win their last two games. Stay tuned for what happens next!

Game 2: Tornadoes vs. Falcon-Warriors

In back-to-back games, the Falcon-Warriors looked to beat the Tornadoes to take fifth place in the league. The Tornadoes jumped to an early lead after Leah Hansen scored against the new Falcon-Warriors goalie, Jacob Bruno. For the Falcon-Warriors, their goalie could not make it to this week, so Bruno had to jump in and play goalie for them. Madison Taylor quickly scored to tie the game. Then, Sia Markowski shot and hit the top left corner of the goal passing right by Bruno’s head for the goal.

The rest of the first half didn’t see much scoring. Hansen scored for the Tornadoes with one minute left. The Falcon-Warriors took their time on the last offensive possession of the half, and it paid off. With five seconds left in the half, Erin Whitaker shot and scored giving the Falcon-Warriors an 8-6 lead going into the half.

The second half started with Kayla Van Cott scoring again for the Falcon-Warriors. She finished the game with five goals and one assist. After the goal, Bridget Carlson took the clear coast-to-coast for a Tornadoes’ goal. Then, Scarola Sawyer passed to Meaghan Fealy for a pretty Tornadoes’ goal. Finally, Marina Bergin scored another goal to tie the game at 10.

Taylor stole the clear from the Tornadoes’ goalie and quickly scored to give the Falcon-Warriors the lead. Then Van Cott took a long shot from the right side and it sped past the goalie to give the Falcon-Warriors a two point lead. With less than five minutes left in the game, the Tornadoes needed to score, but the Falcos-Warriors defense stood strong. The score was 15-12 and the Falcons-Warriors did not let the Tornadoes score until there was less than a minute left. The Falcon-Warriors won the game 17-13.

Game 3: Liberty  vs. Blue Devils

The Blue Devils looked to secure their spot in fourth place by beating a pesky Liberty team. To start the game, both defenses played well. Neither team scored in the first five minutes. Sienna Longobardi scored the first goal for Liberty which was quickly answered by Gianna Forte after an 8-meter. Annie Madden drove through the Blue Devils defense for the goal, and Caitlin Kenney scored to give Liberty a 3-1 lead.

Jordan Forte scooped a ground ball and scored for the Blue Devils, then she scored on an 8-meter just minutes after to tie the game at three. With less than a minute left in the half, Eleanor Dillmeier scored off of an 8-meter for Liberty. The Blue Devils answered before half with another successful 8-meter by Tess Calabria to tie the game at 5-5 at half.

The Blue Devils opened the second half by scoring three straight goals finished off with a wrap around goal by Emma Toner. Charlotte Browne stole the ball from the Blue Devils and went on to score for Liberty. Emersen Evans immediately answered after shooting through the five-hole of the Liberty goalie. The Blue Devils held their three point lead for the majority of the second half. The game looked over after Calabria picked up a ground ball and scored. Then, she won her face-off and faked a pass that tricked the whole defense and gave her an open shot for the goal to make the score 13-9

Liberty would not quit though, Madden scored on an 8-meter. After, Grace Agrillo shoved a Liberty player and was given a yellow card. With one minute left, Longobardi scored on an 8-meter making the score 13-11. The Liberty bench screamed and banged on the barrier in excitement. Then, Elizabeth Kenney scored with only 40 seconds left making the score 13-12. The Blue Devils were able to keep possession of the ball for the last 30 seconds and ended the game, but once again Liberty showed the league that they are a team to watch out for.

Game 4: Braves vs. Liberty

After losing their second place position, the Braves were looking to top Liberty. The Braves scored the first two goals which were then answered with two quick goals by Liberty.  The Braves goalie, Ava Ceglia, ran out of the crease to pick up a ground ball, but Charlotte Browne took the ground ball and had an open net and scored giving Liberty a one-point lead. Then, Kendal Morris scored for Liberty on an 8-meter.

After a long offensive possession for Liberty, Annie Madden had the ball in the X when she passed it over the goal straight to Amelia LoPinto for the goal giving Liberty a 6-2 lead. Once again, Ceglia went to get a ground ball out of the crease and Morris stole it from her and passed it to LoPinto who had an easy goal. Tara Hollis scooped a ground ball and went coast-to-coast and scored again for Liberty giving them an 8-3 lead.

The Braves wouldn’t go down that easily though, Carly Greenbaum drove through the Liberty defense for the goal, then Anna Macchia passed to Mallory Ngitngit for the goal. The team’s traded goals to end the half and Liberty led 10-8 at half.

The second half was vastly different from how the first half went. During the first half, the Braves struggled to score and find any offensive momentum. To start the second half, the Braves scored seven straight goals including two goals from Nicole Fanelli and two goals for Megan Kitagawa. To end the drought, Mabel Overbeck dashed coast-to-coast to score for Liberty making the score 15-11. With 12 minutes left, LoPinto passed to Caitlin Kenney for another goal.

However, the Braves’ stout defense did not let Liberty score again. Greenbaum scored two more goals in the last two minutes to put the game away. The Braves won the game 18-12, but it wasn’t enough to push them past the Marines for second. The Marines have 106 total goals while the Braves have 103 total goals. It will be a neck and neck race to Championship  Saturday for those two teams.

Next week, the Braves and Marines play each other for second place. Last time the Braves and Marines played each other was the first week of the season, where they tied 20-20 after Greenbaum scored a buzzer beating goal to tie the game so this upcoming game will be extremely competitive.

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LILJ Bantam & PeeWee Box League Mid-January RECAP!

It was a cold January morning, the perfect day to suit up and get after it in the box rinks. This week, the boys competing in the Bantam division put their skills on display and brought the hot pepper. 

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LILJ Girls HSBL Week 4 Recap: Back from the Holidays

After a two week break to celebrate the holidays, the LILJ Girls Winter Box League resumed with teams stepping up their game to push for the playoffs.

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Lizards and Flyers take home HSWL Championships

Kicking off Championship Saturday with our semifinals, Hauppauge pulled off the upset of the tournament, knocking off the Big Ten Division favorites in Huntington by a final score of 8-7.

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The Championship Race is heating up!

The first game of the day is a game of the tournament contender. With the playoffs in full swing, Bayport and Miller Place fought to the bitter end in an instant classic that Bayport won 9-8.

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