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An Off-season Reflection – How Champions Train

With the summer lacrosse season ending, it is time to reflect on the past year. All the hard work, blood sweat and tears, the time and effort put into the game we all love. Did you get better? There’s an old saying that “champions are made when no one is watching,” however with the way

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Get On Your Own Team

So many young athletes are concerned with what team they should join. Am I playing for the right club team? Which high school team should I choose? What college team should I pursue? Before getting so caught-up with choosing a team, learn to get on your own team. Treat your body right. Improve your weaknesses.

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X’s & O’s with FLG

Lacrosse Community, FLG Lacrosse will be releasing it’s newest educational segment tomorrow! X’s & O’s with FLG, is FLG Lacrosse’ newest segment that will feature video shorts that cover a variety of  topics within the sport of lacrosse. Some of these topics will include: Running a successful clear with your club lacrosse team Man-ups plays that are

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Learning To Stay

Picture yourself getting a haircut at your local barber. You’re relaxed, sitting back, and enjoying the moment. All of a sudden you start to feel an itch on your forehead. You immediately take your hand from under the barber’s cape and scratch that itch. You feel the immediate relief from scratching that itch. However, the

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Why Keep Score?

Why do we keep score during youth sporting events? Keeping score in youth sporting events shouldn’t be to determine who is the best team. Keeping score in youth sports isn’t so the coach of the winning team can now brag about how their team went 54-o last summer. Keeping score isn’t so youth coaches can coach

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