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Committed Corner

Nick Cowen (2021, Defense, Carey)- Delaware:


Jordan Sheehan (2021, Defense, Deer Park)- SUNY Purchase: Sheehan is the gate keeper for her Deer Park team. With an incredible lacrosse IQ and vision, the incoming senior is quick to intercept passes with scoring range. A powerful presence on and off ball, the incoming senior plays catalyst in many of the team’s fast break scores. Look for the recent SUNY Purchase commit to play a crucial role in her final high school season.

Katherine Cuozzo (2021, Defense, Connetquot)- UMass: Cuozzo reads the opposing offense with ease. Wonderful footwork paired with a lock down defensive mindset makes the Connetquot incoming senior a force to be reckoned with. Cuozzo is not afraid of contact, willing to go all out to regain possession for her team. It is without question that the UMass commit will be doing more of the same come the new year.

Kate Laico (2021, Goalie, East Meadow)- Pace: Simply put, it’s extremely difficult to score on East Meadow’s Kate Laico. The incoming senior is a sensational athlete, known for her quickness and vision when in goal. Laico’s defensive prowess will be needed as she takes on a huge leadership role for the team. With that said, the recent Pace commit should be nothing less than spectacular in her senior season.


Nick Cowen (2021, Defense, Carey)- Delaware: Cowen is a tank on defense. Surprising speed and agility has helped the Carey incoming senior track down his man and lead the occasional fast break. A lockdown defender with great vision and IQ, it is no shock that Cowen has recently committed to the Delaware Lacrosse program. Look for the him to be a key leader for Carey during the new year.

Nicholas O’Shea (2021, Midfield, Sewanhaka)- Adelphi: O’Shea is the spearhead of his Sewanhaka team. The midfielder is an absolute stud on offense, weaving in the out of defenders using supreme footwork. He uses this and a fantastic IQ to get in scoring range. And, as a versatile scorer, it is without doubt that the incoming senior will be a force to be recon with. Look for O’Shea to do more of the same his final season.

Devin O’Sullivan (2021, Attack, Chaminade)- Wesleyan: O’ Sullivan already looks like a seasoned pro for his Chaminade team. The incoming senior is a methodical offensive catalyst, moving well through defenders and making the key assist when needed. A wild scoring ability paired with his hard nosed mentality is simply hard to beat. You can definitely expect the recent Wesleyan commit to have his best season yet in his final high school season.

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Then and Now; Pat McCabe

Lacrosse wasn’t the first sport that Pat McCabe grew up playing. As a baseball player for much of his childhood, he didn’t start playing lacrosse until the eighth or ninth grade. He was able to see the lacrosse field from across the diamond, and always thought it looked like fun. It took some convincing from his friends to get him to play, but once he did, he never looked back. Throughout the various levels and teams that he played for, McCabe was a winner everywhere he went.

McCabe was a star defenseman at Elmont High School where he was part of a team that won the New York State Championship. While playing for Elmont McCabe considered those years to be the highlight of his lacrosse career.

“Our Elmont team was a special group that had been preparing for the opportunity since the 10th grade.  We had a tremendous senior class and some talented underclassmen.  At that point I considered HS lacrosse to be the highlight of my career.”

After Graduating from Elmont in 1987, McCabe continued playing in college at Syracuse University. Not knowing what to expect when he got their, he ended up being a part of three Division I National Championship teams. While winning the championships were special for McCabe, he believes that those Syracuse teams also changed the game and made young people want to play.

“Our Syracuse teams were special and in many ways changed the game.  Yes, we won championships but we did it in a way that left people entertained and made an impression.  I like to think those teams made a lot of young people want to be lacrosse players.”

Playing lacrosse at the professional level wasn’t something that McCabe gave much thought but certainly had the talent to do so. All he cared about was playing against the best competition that he could find. That competition was in the USCLA where he says that was the best lacrosse that he had ever played.

“This was the best lacrosse on the planet and I’d put those top club teams against anything you see today.  The players I played with and against in those days were some of the smartest guys I’ve ever seen on a field and all they cared about was winning games.”

McCabe went on to play professionally for the New York Saints and the Long Island Lizards where he won two championships in 2001 and 2003. What made playing for the Lizards special was that many of the teammates he played with were part of the LI Hofstra Club Lacrosse team.

“We were able to set the culture and bring on some really talented guys who bought into our style and added their own dimension.  The friendships I made in those years are special and having the chance to play with some younger guys that I admired as players but never really knew was great.”

McCabe’s love for working with young players drew him into coaching. He was given the opportunity to coach at C.W. Post as the defensive coordinator for the men’s lacrosse team from 1999-2001. Tom Postel gave him this opportunity and says he learned a lot from him.

“I learned a lot from Tom about how to understand players and he was a master of figuring out how to put the right pieces in the right places.  That’s probably where it started for me.”

After being named the head coach of Adelphi’s women’s lacrosse team in 2014, he has won three Northeast-10 Championships, three NCAA National Championships, and has appeared in the NCAA Tournament five times. With everything that McCabe has accomplished, it’s how his team handles adversity that he says is most memorable.

“What has been most memorable for me are the times when our team has stood up against adversity or an opponent and showed what being a great team is all about.  It’s easy to be a good teammate and stick to the plan when things are going well, but how you act or react during the difficult times is a true measure of who a person or a player really is.”

Coaching gives McCabe a slightly different view of the game then when he played, but was able to learn from a lot of smart people who taught him the importance of learning every position on the field and the responsibilities that they have. McCabe says that not being able to go on the field and make a play is the most difficult thing about being a coach.

“The hardest part of being a coach is that you can’t go out there and make a play, you have to trust that your team is prepared.  It’s very satisfying when our girls come through and rely on their preparation to get them through a tough in game situation.”

In addition to being at the helm of Adelphi’s women’s lacrosse team, McCabe is the founder of the Shooting Star Lacrosse Camp which has been operating since 1999. What is satisfying for him about working with young players is seeing them develop and being able to master something that was once foreign to them. He takes pride in coaching views sports as a way to build up confidence and self esteem.

“Coaching is about seeing the potential in someone that they may not see in themselves. If you can build a young person’s confidence on the field, they will be more confident off the field and that’s what it’s all about. Sports can be the ultimate self esteem builder and it is nice when you see a young person walk a little taller and hold their head up high because playing a game has made them feel good about themselves.”

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Top PLL Regular Season Performers From Long Island

Kieran McArdle (Attack, St. John’s, Connetquot)

The PLL regular season saw plenty of great performances in what was a four game regular season sprint. Many of the games biggest stars showed up and showed out, and Long Island is well represented with players who had a strong regular season. The Whipsnakes find themselves with the best record in the league at 4-0. The four games saw them get some big contributions from LSM Michael Ehrhardt and midfielder Mike Chanenchuk to lead them to the leagues best record. The Chrome are 3-1 on the season in large part to Justin Guterding and Connor Farrell. Also sitting at 3-1 are the Archers. They’ve gotten great play in goal by Adam Ghitleman and plenty of scoring from Will Manny. The Redwoods are right in the middle of the standings with a 2-2 record. Myles Jones and Matt Kavanagh have been a big part of their offense. Despite a 1-3 record for the Waterdogs, Kieran McArdle had a great regular season on the offensive side of the ball. The Atlas are also 1-3 on the season, but have seen some strong performances from Jack Concannon in goal. Even though the Chaos finished the regular season 0-4, Troy Reh has been an instrumental player for them in the ground ball department. Check out the full list of players of the top regular season performers from Long Island down below!

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Committed Corner

Alex Giacobbe (2021, Attack, Manhasset)- Amherst:

Matt Rettinger (2021, Midfield, Chaminade)- Wesleyan: Matt Rettinger appears to do it all for his Chaminade team. He had a fantastic junior campaign while showing great strengths on both sides of the field. Look for him to make the difficult pass and make the strong move on goal. These abilities are matched with impressive stopping ability on the defensive end. The Wesleyan commit will surely have his best season yet in his final year with the team.

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Committed Corner

Danny Caddigan (2021, Attack, Smithtown West)- Cornell. Photo Credit: Joseph Sullivan


Danny Caddigan (2021, Attack, Smithtown West)- Cornell: Caddigan is a straight up goal scoring machine. With an extremely high lacrosse IQ, the crafty attacker has a clear ability to put the ball in the back of the net, and considering his fantastic ability to gather tough passes, the incoming senior is simply an offensive threat. The recent Cornell commit is set to surely have an explosive 2021 season.

Chris Cappelmann (2021, FOGO, Smithtown East)- Cornell: A tank. Chris Cappelmann is a one man band who excels in face offs, fast breaks, and most notably, team leadership. The Smithtown East incoming senior is not afraid of contact, and is known to score from long distance. Also a recent Cornell commit, look for Cappelmann to not only be an asset, but to lead his Smithtown East to a successful season.

CJ Dorr (2021, Midfield, Riverhead)- Wingate: Speedy, agile, creative; all traits that describe Riverhead midfielder CJ Dorr. The incoming senior is known to fly through traffic, using his crafty footwork to make an assertive pass or put the ball in the net. He is not only a key component of the team’s offense, but plays the game in his own style. Expect the recent Wingate commit to have an impressive 2021.

Ryan Smith (2021, Midfield, East Islip)- Hofstra: Smith’s gotta laser that will be lethal come the 2021 season. Besides his pinpoint accuracy, the Hofstra commit controls the pace with ease; keen footwork and great ball control are also traits that have defined his game. Look for him to find the tough pass and lead the offense all the way down field in his final season with East Islip.

John Jude Considine (2021, Attack, South Side)- Hobart: A hard nosed attackman, South Side’s star senior is set to have an explosive season. He is known for making the tough pass in traffic, using his high lacrosse IQ to seek fellow teammates. Look for him to make a statement in 2021; the recent Hobart commit has all the tools needed to make his final year with South Side his best.

Matt Morales (2021, Attack, Port Washington)- Oneonta: Matt Morales is a determined scorer who looks to be a central part of Port Washington’s offense this coming season. He’s got great power in his shot, moves well in traffic, and has the ability to find his fellow teammates for the shot. Look for the recent Oneonta commit to have his best season yet in his final year with the team.

Dylan Haase (2021, Midfield, Herricks)- Wagner: Hasse’s playing style is all about the footwork. The Herrick’s midfielder commands the pace of the game with terrific acceleration and control. He is a strong scorer and is known to make the key pass when necessary. The recent Wagner commit will play an essential leadership role in his Herricks team as well as their offensive dynamic.



Kathryn McAteer (2022, Midfield, St. Anthony’s)- Navy: Only a junior, McAteer has shown the pure grit and athletic ability to be St. Anthony’s next great leader. The midfielder’s lacrosse IQ is off the charts, often commanding her team’s offense during crucial situations. Look for the recent Navy commit to have a stellar year of scoring with the varsity squad. She will surely prove to be an asset in 2021 and beyond.

Ashley Bonitch (2021, Midfield, Miller Place)-  Manhattan: Overall dominance is undeniably lethal in regards with Miller Place’s Bonitch. The incoming senior can do it all; she’s a lock on defense, incredibly agile on the fast break, has great passing vision,  and a fantastic goal scorer. Her keen sense of spacing is what makes the Manhattan College commit one to look for come the 2021 season.

Sophie Read (2021, Midfield, Garden City)- Hamilton: Read is a fantastic all around player who contributes in a facets of the game. Her abilities on both offense and defense have proven clutch in game defining situations. The midfielders ability to lockdown her opponents and convert on the other side of the field separate her from the rest. The Hamilton commit will look to have her best season yet in 2021.

Emma Toes (2021, Midfield, Manhasset)- Hamilton: Toes is the speedy, agile midfielder that any team would want. Her ability to move through traffic and make the smart pass is what has defined her game. With great vision, the Manhasset star is able to guide her offense during the fast break with ease. The recent Hamilton commit is nothing less than a threat for her opponents going into her senior season.

Grace Paliseno (2021, Attack/Midfield, Bay Shore)- Roger Williams: Paliseno is a proven offensive catalyst on her Bay Shore team. Her distinct leadership ability is equally matched by her lacrosse IQ, and her scoring ability is top notch. Lethal with both her dominant and non-dominant hands, the Roger Williams commit serves as an all around team player who will lead Bay Shore in 2021.

Marisa Moran (2021, Attack, West Babylon)- Manhattan: A lethal scorer, Moran always seems to find a way to score. The West Babylon attacker is known to be an offensive catalyst, providing great downfield vision, making the key pass, and leading her team in game-deciding situations. The recent Manhattan college commit aims to have her best year yet in her final season with the team.


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2020 PLL Whipsnakes Preview

Tyler Warner (Midfield, Baldwin, Yale)

PLL Whipsnakes 

Head Coach: Jim Stagnitta

Assistant Coaches: Mike Murphy & Brian Grady

2019 Record: 6-4

The Whipsnakes are entering the 2020 season as the defending champions. After finishing with the second best record in the league, and defeating the Redwoods 12-11 in overtime in the championship game, they are coming into this season with the goal of repeating. Their 2019 championship squad features five players from Long Island including midfielders Mike Chanenchuk, Tyler Warner, and Joe LoCascio. Chanenchuk is coming off of a stellar 2019 campaign which saw him tally 34 points and 19 goals, and was a consistent threat from deep. Both Warner and LoCascio also contributed with Warner scooping up 25 ground balls and LoCascio adding five goals. Michael Ehrhardt  is regarded as one of the top LSM’s in the world and Tim Muller is part of an elite defense for the Whipsnakes. With virtually their entire roster returning this season, the Whipsnakes have a good chance to repeat in 2020!

Players From Long Island

Tim Muller (Defense, Chaminade, Maryland)

Michael Ehrhardt (LSM, Chaminade, Maryland)

Mike Chanenchuk (Midfield, St. Anthony’s, Maryland)

Tyler Warner (Midfield, Baldwin, Yale)

Joe LoCascio (Midfield, St. Anthony’s, Maryland)

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2020 PLL Waterdogs Preview

Matt DeLuca (Goalie, Farmingdale, Delaware)

PLL Waterdogs 

Head Coach: Andrew Copelan

Assistant Coaches: Robert Cross & Brendan Dawson

The Waterdogs are the first PLL expansion team and are ready to hit the ground running after building a roster through the expansion draft, new entry draft, and college draft. They are well represented with players from Long Island including goalie Matt DeLuca who was the first pick of the second round in the 2020 College Draft, and goalie Charlie Cipriano who was taken fourth overall in the expansion draft. They are two of three goalies on the team who will battle it out for the starting goalie position. Attacker Kieran McArdle and midfielders Kyle McClancy and Steven DeNapoli also hail from Long Island, and will look to contribute in scoring, causing turnovers and, picking up ground balls. Look for the newly founded Waterdogs to make some noise in 2020.

Players From Long Island

Kieran McArdle (Attack, Connetquot, St. John’s)

Charlie Cipriano (Goalie, Herricks, Fairfield)

Matt DeLuca (Goalie, Farmingdale, Delaware)

Kyle McClancy (Midfielder, Bayport-Bluepoint, Albany)

Steven DeNapoli (Midfielder, Hewlett, Hofstra)

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2020 PLL Redwoods Preview

Matt Kavanagh (Attack, Chaminade, Notre Dame)

PLL Redwoods 

Head Coach: Nat St. Laurent

Assistant Coaches: Chris Collins & Todd MacFarlane

2019 Record: 5-5 (4th Place Finish)

The Redwoods will be looking to end the 2020 season as champions after coming up one win short in 2019. They were defeated by the Whipsnakes 12-11 in overtime in the championship. On the offensive side of the ball they will be led by the trio of attackers, Jules Heningburg, Ryder Garnsey, and Long Island native Matt Kavanagh. The Chaminade graduate excelled when the lights shined the brightest and will look to replicate his success from last season. They are accompanied by Long Islanders Myles Jones and Tyler Dunn. Jones is coming over from the chaos and will look to bolster the offense, and Dunn will look to get more playing time entering his second year in the league. Garrett Epple is a key player for Redwoods defense as he led the team in both caused turnovers (23) ground balls (40). With a steady offense and defense, and Tim Troutner protecting the net, the Redwoods should have a strong 2020 season.

Players From Long Island: 

Matt Kavanagh (Attack, Chaminade, Notre Dame)

Myles Jones (Midfield, Walt Whitman, Duke)

Tyler Dunn (Midfield, Manhasset, UPenn)

Greg Puskuldjian (Faceoff, North Shore, Adelphi)

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Kasey Choma’s Tips For Success

Kasey Choma (Midfield, ESM, Notre Dame).

Kasey Choma is the best of the best; The Eastport South Manor High School alum had a record breaking high school career, highlighted by her title as Inside Lacrosse’s Top Recruit of 2019. The former Long Island lacrosse star was the catalyst in many of her team’s victories, including four consecutive Suffolk County Championships and a 2019 gold medal finish in the World Lacrosse Women’s U19 Championship. Now, the midfielder has taken her talents to Notre Dame University, where she has soared to even greater heights. As a freshman, Choma started all seven games for the Irish and led her team in goals scored. It is clear that for the star athlete, the best is yet to come. She recently shared some of her best tips for up and coming athletes. See below to read the full article! Continue Reading

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2020 PLL Chrome Preview

Conner Farrell (FOGO, Sachem East, LIU Post)

PLL Chrome

2019 Record: 2-8

Head Coach: Tim Soudan

Assistant Coaches: Nick Fiorentino & Jacques Monte
PLL’s Chrome team looks to improve after ending 2019 with a 2-8 record. They finished last in the league; but with a new group of talent coming in, things are sure to change. Contributions made by Jordan Wolf, Mike Manley, and Ned Crotty were crucial last season, giving the team its competitive back bone. Chrome’s roster also features a handful of Long Island natives who will prove to be the future of the young league. Perhaps most notably comes star attack man Justin Guterding. The player led his team with an incredible 19 goals and 43 points. He is joined by Conner “Milk Man” Farrell, the strong FOGO from LIU Post. He earned himself 114 face off wins in 2019 at an impressive 55% rate. Two time USILA All-American Justin Turri and former Hofstra star Brendan Kavanagh will also make their mark on offense this season. The two saw great success in college and both have strong lacrosse IQs. Head Coach Tim Soudan and Assistant Coaches Nick Fiorentino and Jacques Monte hope to get things rolling in 2020.

Players from Long Island

Justin Guterding (Attack, Garden City, Duke)

Conner Farrell (FOGO, Sachem East, LIU Post)

Brendan Kavanagh (Attack, Chaminade, Hofstra)

Justin Turri (Midfield, West Islip, Duke)

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