Oceanside Player Spotlight: Izzy Weintraub

Oceanside’s senior goalie Izzy Weintraub has helped guide the Sailors to a 10-5 regular season and the number three seed in the Nassau Class A playoffs. She has been the anchor of a defense that has allowed just over five goals per game and has recorded a total of 100 saves with a save percentage of 56%. Weintraub grew up playing soccer and was a goalie before transitioning into lacrosse around the third or fourth grade. She initially started as a defender playing for PAL but switched over to goalie when she started playing the club team Legacy. The combination of lacrosse being a faster game and the thrill of being able to make a save and clear the ball is what made her realize that this is the game that she loves to play.

Oceanside has played in some close games throughout the season. Weintraub shared that the trust factor between she and her teammates is there, and that she gets a feeling of motivation when she’s able to come up with big saves in close games.

“I have a strong defense defense in front of me so I trust my teammates, I know they trust me, and I try not to think too much and just react to what’s happening on the field and it hasn’t steered me wrong.”

With the playoffs approaching and their first game taking place Wednesday against East Meadow, the excitement is there for Weintraub and her team and they are all going in with a positive mindset, but will also play like it’s her last, not knowing how the playoffs will unfold.

When her high school career does come to a close, Weintraub will be taking her game to the collegiate level where she will be playing lacrosse at Wesleyan University. Despite it being a stressful recruiting process for her, she doesn’t have any regrets.

“It was a stressful process to say the least but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I was looking at schools and they were looking at me and once I found Wesleyan I kind of knew that this was going to be the perfect fit.

In addition to Wesleyan being both a good school academically and for lacrosse, another factor into her decision to commit there was the environment which is similar to what she has in Oceanside. The sense of family between her and her teammates now as well as a welcoming environment is what she is looking for at the collegiate level. Wesleyan lacrosse will also bring her a lot of competition which is what she loves and is why she plays the game.

Throughout her time playing lacrosse some of the players that she has looked up to and has used as motivation include Caroline Kraemer who is a former Oceanside lacrosse player that currently plays at Queens, as well as Taylor Moreno of UNC and Emily Sterling of Maryland. The big plays the Weintraub makes at the high school level such as saving an eight meter shot or a breakaway save are the plays that she can’t to make at the next level and inspires her to get better everyday.

Continure to follow Izzy Weintraub and the Oceanside Sailors throughout the playoffs as they look to get a win in their opening game and advance to the semifinals which will be at Adelphi University.


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