Excelsior Games Recap and Players that Impressed

On July 17-19 the inaugural Excelsior Games were held on the campus of SUNY Albany where the top high school players from rising freshmen to rising seniors represented their region and competed against each other for the chance to make the claim as the best region in New York and take home gold, silver, and bronze medals. The six regions across New York are Adirondack, Central, Hudson Valley, Nassau, Suffolk, and Western, as well as a boys All-Long Island region with combination of players from Nassau and Suffolk County. The uniqueness about the Excelsior Games is that unlike any other recruiting event or showcase, this brings together both boys and girls together playing on the same circuit at the same time. This high level event also serves as a recruiting event for rising juniors and rising seniors which brought a multitude of college coaches from Division I programs across in attendance to recruit.

The event kicked off with each team getting an hour long practice in with their teams which were coached by some of the top high school/club coaches in the state, many of which have New York roots of their own. Following practice was the VIP Experience from 1pm-5pm for those who registered which included hands on teaching, coaching, and training from Division I college coaches, as well as a Q and A about the recruiting process. Day one concluded with the media night extravaganza where every player from every team put on their uniform and went up as a team to the press box for a photo shoot while a live band performed in front of the stadium turf where players and families had the opportunity to congregate and socialize to wrap up the first day.

Days two and three were all about gameplay to compete for medals across each region. Pool play games got started at 8am on Tuesday and went on throughout the day. Despite the weather cutting Tuesday short at around 4pm, the games resumed play Wednesday morning and the stage was set for teams to compete in the medal games for gold, silver, and bronze.

On the boys side, it was Nassau taking gold in the Class of 2027, Western in the Class of 2026, and Adirondack in the 2024/2025 class. For the girls in the 2027 class the gold medal went to Nassau, Suffolk in the Class of 2026, and Western in the 2024 class. At the conclusion of the event the coaches of each teams selected players from their own team as well as from opposing teams that they felt stood out throughout the course of tournament. Check out the standouts from each class down below!

Boys Excelsior Games Standouts

Class of 2024/2025
Aaron Eberhard (Defense, Western)
Andrew Altieri (Midfield, ADK)
Andrew Scully (FOGO, Western)
Braden Gioseffi (Midfield, Western)
Brady Quill (Defense, Western)
Caleb Clamser (Defense, HV)
Casey Berns (Goalie, Western)
Charlie Adoinizio (Midfield, Central)
Chase Perryman (Attack, Western)
Christopher De Giorgio, (Midfield, HV)
Cole Milani (Midfield, All-LI)
Colin Duncan (Attack, Western)
Conor Marr (FOGO, All-LI)
Dante Pezzimenti, (Attack, Western)
Dom Gullace (Defense, Western)
Drew Williamee (Attack, Western)
Dylan Marzec (Defense/FOGO, HV)
Finnigan Smith, (Attack, Central)
Garrin Dougherty, (Defense, Central)
Griffin Sumwalt (Attack, All-LI)
Hunter Fodera (Goalie, HV)
Ian Erskine (Attack, Western)
Jack Jimenez (Defense/FOGO, HV)
Jack Stanney (Attack, Western)
Jake Goldstein (Attack, HV)
James Cox (Attack, Central)
Jon Accurso (Defense, HV)
Kevin kukla (Midfield, HV)
Lou Chicatelli (Defense, ADK)
Luke Ryan (Goalie, Western)
Michael Belles (Attack, Western)
Nick Armato (Defense, All-LI)
Owen McCarthy Jr. (Defense, Central)
Patrick Staker (Defense, HV)
PJ Ruggiero (Defense, HV)
Ryan Breamer (Midfield, Western)
Ryan Hilbert (Goalie, All-LI)
Scott Nelson (Goalie, All-LI)
Sean Kellish (Attack, Central)
Sean Olvany (Midfield, Western)
Teagan Fingar (Attack, Western)
Thomas Linehan, (Attack, HV)
Tom Carroll (Attack, ADK)
Tynan Murray (Defense/FOGO, HV)
Will Thompson (Goalie, Western)
Class of 2026
Anthony Guidone (Defense, Central)
Bear Hollingsworth (Defense, Western)
Benjamin Bacaelo (Goalie, HV)
Braden Fingar (FOGO/Midfield, Western)
Brady Michaud (Attack, Central)
Brandon Merrill (Defense, ADK)
Brian Falk (Midfield, Nassau)
Caden Parker (Defense, Central)
Carter Loughman (Midfield, Nassau)
Cayden Claflin (Attack, Central)
Conor Reynolds (Goalie, Central)
Chris Doshna (FOGO/Midfield, Central)
Cooper Moore (Attack, Western)
David McCue (Defense, Suffolk)
Declan Phillips (Attack, ADK)
Ed Tolan (Midfield, ADK)
Garrett Chapman (Defense, ADK)
Gavin Nemitz (Attack/Midfield, Central)
Gerrit Dutcher (Midfield, ADK)
Hudson Proia (Attack/ FOGO, Western)
Jack Dedrick (Defense, Western)
Jack Dedrick (Defense, Western)
Jack Wichmann (Attack, Central)
Jacob Casamento (Defense, Nassau)
John Mooney (Attack, Nassau)
Kaden Harp (Goalie, ADK)
Liam Wichman (Defense, Central)
Logan Schimmel (Goalie, Western)
Logan Valeiko (Goalie, Suffolk)
Matthew Langan (Defense/FOGO, Western)
Max Eckdahl (Defense, Western)
Michael Hennessey (Attack/FOGO, ADK)
Nash Oudemool (Attack, Central)
Nick Rayfield (Midfield, Central)
Noah Hickok (Defense, ADK)
Quentin Shedrick (Goalie, Western)
Sam Thore (Defense, Western)
Samuel Gelfman (Defense/FOGO, ADK)
Shea Sullivan (Attack, HV)
Tanner Donovan (Midfield, ADK)
Tano Auriuso (Attack, Western)
Thomas Carney (Attack, HV)
Thomas Mahoney (FOGO/Midfield, HV)
Vincent Rossetti (Attack/FOGO, ADK)
William Chapman (FOGO, ADK)
Zach Tortura (Midfield, Western)
Zachary Hoffman (FOGO/Midfield, Western)
Class of 2027
Alex Vitale (Defense/FOGO, Nassau)
Angelo Sorbero, (FOGO/Midfield, Suffolk)
Brendan Sim (Attack, Nassau)
Everett Hicks (Defense, ADK)
Hudson Peck (Attack, ADK)
Jason Cunningham (Defense, Western)
Jett Stake (Goalie, Nassau)
John Hawthorne, (Midfield, Suffolk)
Luke Johnson (Attack, ADK)
Michael DePietro (Defense, Nassau)
Nick Haugen (Midfield, Nassau)
Nick Scicchitano (Goalie, Suffolk)
Roy Testa (Midfield, Nassau)
Ryan Lasko (Long Stick Midfield, Suffolk)
Shawn Tuccillo (Midfield, Suffolk)
Steve Panagopoulos (Defense, Nassau)
Thomas Regan (Midfield, ADK)

Girls Excelsior Games Standouts

Class of 2024/2025
Anastasia Zuleta (Defense, Nassau)
Ada Krupa (Draw Specialist/Midfield, Western)
Addie Saverese (Defense, HV)
Adelia Bandsma (Defense, HV)
Alessandra De La Noval (Defense, Suffolk)
Alexandra Aievoli (Midfield, Nassau)
Angie Efstathiou (Draw Specialist/MIdfield, Suffolk)
Anna Anderson (Defense, Western)
Ava Borzilleri (Attack/Draw Specialist, Nassau)
Ava Greenhut (Attack, HV)
Ava Meyn (Draw Specialist/Midfield, Suffolk)
Berkley Brown (Goalie, Central)
Brielle Belonzi (Attack, Suffolk)
Brooke Mazzei (Draw Specialist/Midfield, Nassau)
Cam Trybuskiewicz (Attack, Western)
Carissa Schneider (Midfield, Western)
Danielle Raymond (Midfield, Western)
Edith Lithkousky (Goalie, Central)
Ella Forcucci (Attack, Western)
Ellie Anderson (Midfield, Nassau)
Emerson Goettelmann (Attack, Nassau)
Emma Batter (Goalie, Suffolk)
Emma Francis (Goalie, Western)
Giana Spatafora, (Defense, Suffolk)
Jaclyn Mahoney (Draw Specialist/Midfield, HV)
Jane Burrows (Attack, HV)
Jillian Terlizzi (Goalie, HV)
Kate Ross (Midfield, Nassau)
Katie Adams (Attack, Western)
Kiera Lee (Draw Specialist/Midfield, HV)
Kylie Lamoureux (Draw Specialist/Midfield, Suffolk)
Lily Capobianco (Draw Specialist/Midfield, Nassau)
Lorena Rivera (Draw Specialist/Midfield, HV)
Maddie Thore (Midfield, Western)
Madison Maire (Attack, Suffolk)
Maggie Sullivan (Defense, HV)
Makenna Cady (Goalie, Western)
Mary Kopf (Goalie, HV)
Melayna Miller (Draw Specialist/Midfield, Central)
Mia McCarthy (Defense, Nassau)
Olivia Kaelin (Draw Specialist/Midfield, Suffolk)
Olivia Koch (Goalie, Suffolk)
Olivia McFaul (Defense, Suffolk)
Olivia Ruzekowicz (Defense, Central)
Payton Noack (Attack, Suffolk)
Rebecca Sibley (Draw Specialist/Midfield, HV)
Sarah Weigand (Midfield, Nassau)
Scarlett Frisone (Defense, Nassau)
Sofia Cangelosi (Draw Specialist/Midfield, Suffolk)
Sophia Virgillo (Attack, Suffolk)
Taryn Morris (Midfield, Nassau)
Class of 2026
Kady Duffy (Attack, ADK)
Mia Howson (Draw Specialist/Midfield, HV)
Michaela Fay (Draw Specialist/Midfield, HV)
Regan Backer (Draw Specialist/Midfield, Nassau)
Abbey Maiki (Defense, Suffolk)
Abigail Dieumgard (Goalie, Suffolk)
Addison Costa (Goalie, Suffolk)
Alexa Cohen (Draw Specialist/Midfield, Nassau)
Alexandra Backlin (Attack, Nassau)
Alexandra Livingston (Midfield, Suffolk)
Alyssa Corso (Goalie, Suffolk)
Ava Failla (Defense, Suffolk)
Ava Obloj (Midfield, Suffolk)
Avery Melchiona (Defense, Suffolk)
Beau Whaling (Attack/Draw Specialist, HV)
Bianca Graham (Attack, Suffolk)
Caeden Dorn (Midfield, Suffolk)
Caitlin Barnes (Midfield, Suffolk)
Carly Amato (Midfield, Suffolk)
Carly Cangelosi (Midfield, Suffolk)
Caroline O’Doherty (Attack, Nassau)
Cassidy Hanley (Attack, Suffolk)
Ciara Hegarty (Midfield, Nassau)
Dagny Beasley (Defense, Suffolk)
Devyn Slattery, (Defense, Suffolk)
Ella Thornton (Defense, Nassau)
Ellie dreywood (Defense, Western)
Emma DiMaio (Attack, Suffolk)
Emma Guzylak- (Draw Specialist/Midfield, Western)
Emma O’Donnell (Attack, Nassau)
Gabriella Tipaldo (Defense/Draw Specialist, Nassau)
Gianna McNulty (Attack, Suffolk)
Grace Miller (Draw Specialist/Midfield, Nassau)
Jaya Madigan (Attack, Central)
Jenna Messina (Attack, Suffolk)
Jessica Martin (Defense, Nassau)
Joelle Hannoush (Defense, ADK)
Julia Lilienthal (Goalie, Suffolk)
Juliana Battuello (Goalie, ADK)
Kaci Wood (Defense, Nassau)
Kailey Bruckner (Midfield, Suffolk)
Katherine O’Hanlin (Attack, Nassau)
Lauren Kozemko (Defense, Western)
Lucy Schell (Defense, HV)
Madison Littlefield (Midfield, Western)
Marlo Knox (Draw Specialist/Midfield, Nassau)
Mattea Vino (Midfield, Suffolk)
Meadow Szillus (Midfield, Nassau)
Olivia Zehil (Midfield, Suffolk)
Peyton Logue Boyd (Midfield, Suffolk)
Regan Backer (Draw Specialist/Midfield, Nassau)
Ruby Berry (Attack, Western)
Rylee Fanning (Defense/Draw Specialist, Nassau)
Sabrina Asadurian (Midfield, Nassau)
Sadie Eisenhart (Draw Specialist/Midfield, Western)
Shannon Carney (Defense, Suffolk)
Sidney Clickner Draw Specialist/Midfield, Western)
Sienna Klauss (Draw Specialist/Midfield, Nassau)
Sofia Moschitta (Goalie, Nassau)
Sophia Buffardi (Midfield, Suffolk)
Sophia Masone (Attack, Suffolk)
Sophia Novelli (Defense, Nassau)
Taylor Potwin (Goalie, Western)
Vanessa Pollina (Attack, Suffolk)
Class of 2027
Addie Finkbeiner (Draw Specialist/Defense, Western)
Anala Teemer (Defense, Nassau)
Avery Fordham (Midfield, Western)
Brenna Goss (Draw Specialist/Midfield, Western)
Cadence Adamo (Attack, Suffolk)
Claire Buccieri (Draw Specialist/Midfield, Western)
Courtney Rowe (Defense, Suffolk)
Dani Torre (Draw Specialist/Defense, Suffolk)
Danielle Perfetto (Draw Specialist/Midfield, Nassau)
Dylan McNamara (Midfield, Suffolk)
Elizabeth Bottiglier (Draw Specialist/Defense, Western)
Emily Ciesinski (Goalie, ADK)
Gianna Germin (Defense/Draw Specialist, Nassau)
Grace Brantuk (Attack/Draw Specialist, Nassau)
Juliann Brzeski (Attack/Draw Specialist, Nassau)
Kaitlyn Menella (Draw Specialist/Midfield, Suffolk)
Kylie Conors (Defense, Nassau)
Liliana May (Midfield, Suffolk)
Lucille Peters (Draw Specialist/Midfield, Western)
Lucy Buff, (Defense/Draw Specialist, ADK)
Mackenzie Stuck (Attack, Suffolk)
Maddie O’hagan (Draw Specialist/Midfield, Nassau)
Makayla Mclarney (Defense, Western)
Meg Caputo (Goalie, Nassau)
Mia Brown (Goalie, Suffolk)
Olivia Brady (Draw Specialist/Midfield, Suffolk)
Olivia Manago (Goalie, Nassau)
Olivia Razzano (Midfield, Suffolk)
Peyton Bryant (Draw Specialist/Midfield, Suffolk)
Sarah Langdon (Defense, Suffolk)
Sierra Riepe (Defense, Suffolk)
Skye Korten (Attack/Draw Specialist, Nassau)
Sophia Giangreco (Goalie, Suffolk)
Sophia Vario (Defense, Suffolk)
Stella Goettelmann (Draw Specialist/Midfield, Nassau)


  1. Alan teemer says:

    Congratulations to all these fantastic athletes

  2. John Mathers says:

    I think you forgot Drew Williamee
    Western class of 2025.

  3. Gia LaRose says:

    Did you really not even choose a single girl from adk region 24/25s?

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