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Presenting the LILJ Girls Class of 2024 Watch List

The LILJ presents our deepest watch list of 2024s as they approach the all important date of September 1st which marks the day that they can begin being formally recruited to play at colleges all across the country. This remarkable group of ladies have poured in countless hours both on and off the field to get to this point. Over the weeks and months ahead many will be making that highly anticipated decision about which place they will be calling home for the next four years after high school. Please DM the LILJ when you’re committed and we’ll be sure to update the watch list with where you’re set to play in college. Here is the latest girls 2024 watch list!

First Last Position School Year Commit
Addison Labriola Attack Massapequa 2024
Adriana Lloves Attack Friends Academy 2024
Aine Byrne Attack Westhampton 2024
Alex Lynch Attack West Babylon 2024
Alexa Nazario Attack Farmingdale 2024
Allison Petrullo Attack Massapequa 2024
Amelia LoPinto Attack Manhasset 2024 USC
Arabella Ribaudo Attack Deer Park 2024
Ashley Greene Attack St. Anthony’s 2024
Ashley Molloy Attack Ward Melville 2024
Ava Andria Attack Islip 2024
Avery Nardi Attack Mt. Sinai 2024
Avery Testa Attack South Side 2024
Bella Luisa Attack Miller Place 2024
Briana Cenci Attack Connetquot 2024
Brigid Brown Attack Kellenberg 2024
Brigid Mahoney Attack Oceanside 2024
Brooke Gengler Attack Babylon 2024
Caitlin Cobb Attack Port Jefferson 2024
Caitlin Haggerty Attack South Side 2024
Cameron Labriola Attack Massapequa 2024
Cameryn Logan Attack Massapequa 2024
Camryn Chamberlain Attack Mt. Sinai 2024
Carley Sgueglia Attack West Islip 2024 Elon
Casey Monaghan Attack Connetquot 2024
Casey Gilbert Attack Miller Place 2024
Cassidy Harley Attack Manhasset 2024
Caylin Luciano Attack ESM 2024 UF
Christina Lauro Attack Northport 2024 Binghamton
Clotilde Ceva Attack East Hampton 2024
Elizabeth Kenney Attack Mineola 2024
Elizabeth Darcy Attack Sacred Heart 2024
Ella Hirsch Attack Middle Country 2024
Ella Kane Attack Port Washington 2024
Elya Rak Attack Friends Academy 2024
Emersen Evans Attack Huntington 2024
Emma Truncale Attack John Glenn 2024
Erin Occhino Attack Kellenberg 2024
Eva McKelvey Attack East Hampton 2024
Gianna Vecchio Attack Miller Place 2024
Giuliana Berritto Attack Friends Academy 2024
Grace Goetz Attack John Glenn 2024
Grace DiDominica Attack Oceanside 2024
Grace Mulham Attack Ward Melville 2024 Princeton
Grace Balocca Attack Ward Melville 2024
Gracie Rasi Attack East Hampton 2024
Halle Lara Attack East Meadow 2024
Hannah Wise Attack Plainedge 2024
Isabella Recce Attack Farmingdale 2024
Isabella Luisa Attack Miller Place 2024
Isabella Dantuono Attack Smithtown West 2024 Marist
Isabella Perone Attack East Islip 2024
Jade Crossfield Attack Sewanhaka 2024
Jane Pfeiffer Attack Sacred Heart 2024
Jayden Piraino Attack Hills 2024 UVA
Jenna Soto Attack Smithtown East 2024 Georgetown
Jordan Ellis Attack ESM 2024
Julia Cohen Attack Miller Place 2024
Julia Huxtable Attack Northport 2024 USF
Kaila Van Cott Attack North Shore 2024
Kaitlyn McGovern Attack Carle Place 2024 UNC Charlotte
Karley Kreuscher Attack East Islip 2024
Kate Spinks Attack Ward Melville 2024 Brown
Katherine Klein Attack Floral Park 2024
Kathleen Byrne Attack Friends Academy 2024
Kayla Nuccio Attack St. Anthony’s 2024
Kayleen Mulry Attack Northport 2024
Kayleigh Bender Attack Huntington 2024
Keira Fontaine Attack Long Beach 2024
Kiera Medina Attack Harborfields 2024
Kristin Dee Attack Sachem North 2024
Lara Baki Attack Manhasset 2024
Lauren Baudier Attack Northport 2024
Lili Woodstock Attack Oyster Bay 2024
Lily Perello Attack East Hampton 2024
Lily Conniff Attack Manhasset 2024
Lisa Heffernan Attack Sachem North 2024
Lola Garneau Attack East Hampton 2024
Madeline Chernis Attack Center Moriches 2024
Madeline Kaplan Attack Mt. Sinai 2024
Madilyn Luongo Attack Farmingdale 2024
Madison Feldman Attack Commack 2024
Madison Mileti Attack Connetquot 2024
Madison Maire Attack Westhampton 2024
Maureen Arendt Attack Garden City 2024 Colagte
Mckenzie Moeller Attack Rocky Point 2024
Meagan Carney Attack Bay Shore 2024
Meaghan Fealy Attack Harborfields 2024
Megan McPharlin Attack St. Anthony’s 2024
Morgan Miller Attack Manhasset 2024
Natalie Wilson Attack SWR 2024
Neave Bowman Attack Massapequa 2024
Nicole Wang Attack Syosset 2024
Paige Selhorn Attack Carle Place 2024
Peyton Wozniak Attack Kings Park 2024
Peyton Choma Attack Mt. Sinai 2024 Quinnipiac
Peyton Worby Attack Westhampton 2024
Reagan Morra Attack Plainedge 2024
Riley Carlson Attack ESM 2024
Samantha Chichester Attack Middle Country 2024
Sarah Byrne Attack Oyster Bay 2024
Shannon Lewis Attack Calhoun 2024
Shannon Stroud Attack Division 2024
Shannon Day Attack Massapequa 2024
Shannon Pettit Attack Smithtown East 2024
Shannon Kroog Attack Bayport 2024
Shea Panzik Attack Manhasett 2024 Vanderbilt
Sienna Longobardi Attack Manhasset 2024
Sienna Diglio Attack Wantagh 2024 UMass
Sierra Weilert Attack Carle Place 2024
Sophia Minnion Attack SWR 2024
Sydney Woods Attack Rocky Point 2024
Tali Sanders Attack Port Washington 2024
Taylor Metzler Attack Center Moriches 2024
Taylor Williams Attack Deer Park 2024
Tia Fusco Attack Rocky Point 2024
Trinity Mitchell Attack Sewanhaka 2024
Kassidy Miller Attack ESM 2024
Sienna Prisco Attack Sacred Heart 2024
Ainsley Johnson Defense Locust Valley 2024
Alanah Brown Defense Sewanhaka 2024
Alexa Flood Defense ESM 2024
Alexa Marconti Defense West Islip 2024
Alexandra Schick Defense Sachem East 2024
Allison Filosa Defense William Floyd 2024
Amanda Tragna Defense Smithtown West 2024
Amanda Paci Defense St Anthony’s 2024 Duke
Amelia Delise Defense St. John the Baptist 2024
Andie Pedatella Defense Bellport 2024 Lafayette
Angelina Weinert Defense Division 2024
Angelina DeAmicis Defense St. John the Baptist 2024
Ava DeVito Defense Division 2024
Ava Wayrich Defense Kellenberg 2024
Ava Stunder Defense Sachem East 2024
Ava Nucci Defense Smithtown East 2024
Ava Capasso Defense Smithtown West 2024
Ava LaMedica Defense Ward Melville 2024
Brighid Smith Defense Wantagh 2024
Caitlin Leary Defense Carle Place 2024
Carley Mullins Defense Islip 2024 Mercer
Cathryn Weigand Defense Manhasset 2024
Chloe Morgan Defense Friends Academy 2024
Chloe Mosher Defense Westhampton 2024
Courtney Thornton Defense Sayville 2024
Daniella Stek Defense Seaford 2024 Drexel
Delaney Lutz Defense Sayville 2024 Lafayette
Eliana Lamanhaouhi Defense Carle Place 2024
Ella Fragaso Defense Syosset 2024
Emily Romeo Defense Garden City 2024
Emily Ambrozy Defense St. Anthony’s 2024
Emily McGinley Defense Ward Melville 2024
Emma Pagano Defense Oceanside 2024
Emma Murphy Defense South Side 2024
Erin Kenny Defense John Glenn 2024
Erin James Defense St. Anthony’s 2024
Gabriella Wendel Defense Westhampton 2024
Gabrielle Ramos Defense Mt. Sinai 2024
Hailey Kulesa Defense Hauppauge 2024 UNC Charlotte
Haley Small Defense Sewanhaka 2024
Hannah Gilliam Defense North Shore 2024
Hannah Scionti Defense Sachem North 2024
Holly Krieg Defense Massapequa 2024
Isabel Cardo Defense Long Beach 2024
Isabella Rivera Defense Division 2024
Isabella Jensen Defense Mepham 2024
Isabelle Sheridan Defense North Shore 2024
Jacky Sutherland Defense William Floyd 2024
Janna Weltner Defense Connetquot 2024
Jenna Linden Defense Locust Valley 2024
Jill Newman Defense Harborfields 2024
Julia Kroog Defense Bayport 2024
Kaelynn Sirizzotti Defense West Islip 2024 LIU
Kaitlyn Cole Defense Sacred Heart 2024 BC
Karena Powell Defense Sewanhaka 2024
Katherine McConnachie Defense St. Anthony’s 2024
Katie Cummings Defense Smithtown East 2024
Kaylee McCormick Defense Bay Shore 2024 Elon
Kayley Guzman Morales Defense Islip 2024
Kelsey Foster Defense Smithtown East 2024
Lana Wiggins Defense Sewanhaka 2024
Lana Cale Defense Wheatley 2024
Lauren Mazza Defense Centereach 2024
Lauren Freudenberg Defense Comsewogue 2024
Lauryn Mitchell Defense Center Moriches 2024
Lilli Kircher Defense Port Jefferson 2024
Loghan McNamara Defense Sayville 2024
Mabel Overbeck Defense Garden City 2024 Duke
Maddie Morris Defense St. Anthony’s 2024 USF
Madeleine Chun Defense Manhasett 2024 Dartmouth
Madison Aristy Defense Farmingdale 2024
Madison Hall Defense Miller Place 2024
McKenzie Schindler Defense Westhampton 2024
Molly Dale Defense St. John the Baptist 2024
Morgan Harloff Defense South Side 2024
Natalia Gamboa Defense Division 2024
Natalie Paul Defense Oceanside 2024
Navneet Saini Defense Wheatley 2024
Norah Kelly Defense Smithtown East 2024
Nyla Lester Defense Wantagh 2024
Olivia Meyer Defense Mepham 2024
Olivia Bianco Defense Port Jefferson 2024
Olivia Comerford Defense Ward Melville 2024 UPenn
Paige Martin Defense Wantagh 2024
Reese Rinaldi Defense Huntington 2024
Riley Benito Defense Massapequa 2024
Rosalie Haffner Defense Sacred Heart 2024
Sabrina Middleton Defense Sachem North 2024
Sadie Berkhout Defense ESM 2024
Sailor Engel Defense Port Washington 2024
Sara O’Sullivan Defense Sachem East 2024
Sarabeth Levin Defense Friends Academy 2024
Sarah Cluff Defense ESM 2024
Sarah Asnis Defense Friends Academy 2024
Sarah Magliaro Defense Sachem North 2024
Sarah Blloshmi Defense West Babylon 2024
Sarah Gormley Defense Westhampton 2024
Savannah Donohue Defense Smithtown East 2024
Shannon Ilnitzki Defense Hauppauge 2024
Sophia Koch Defense Centereach 2024
Sophia Arena Defense Commack 2024
Sophie Raimondi Defense Center Moriches 2024
Tara Hollis Defense Garden City 2024
Taylor Schorr Defense Port Washington 2024
Tiana Barone Defense SWR 2024
Kate Hearns Defense/Draw Specialist Commack 2024 Bucknell
Caitlin Kenney Draw Specialist/Midfield Mineola 2024
Casey Rhine Draw Specialist/Midfield Roslyn 2024
Elle Archer Draw Specialist/Midfield North Shore 2024
Emma Hendry Draw Specialist/Midfield Commack 2024 Army
Kayla Gilmore Draw Specialist/Midfield William Floyd 2024 Maryland
Lauren Perfetto Draw Specialist/Midfield Manhasett 2024 Loyola
Nicoletta Tsiamis Draw Specialist/Midfield Manhasset 2024
Skylar Cohen Draw Specialist/Midfield Friends Academy 2024 Yale
Sophia Ingenito Draw Specialist/Midfield Miller Place 2024
Abby Warner Goalie Longwood 2024
Adriana Califano Goalie Bellmore JFK 2024
Alexandra Stec Goalie New Hyde Park 2024
Ashley Langdon Goalie ESM 2024 Hopkins
Ava Ceglia Goalie Syosset 2024
Ava Carillo Goalie Ward Melville 2024
Charlie Seamster Goalie Floral Park 2024
Dakota Capolino Goalie Farmingdale 2024
Dynastee Ramos Goalie East Meadow 2024
Elsa Branco Goalie Bay Shore 2024
Emily Backlin Goalie Long Beach 2024 Binghamton
Erin Fels Goalie Smithtown West 2024
Grace McDonald Goalie Smithtown East 2024
Hannah Rubin Goalie Manhasset 2024
Hannah Honor Goalie Smithtown East 2024
Jordyn Landman Goalie Manhasset 2024
Kerry Stavracos Goalie Riverhead 2024
Kiley Nolan Goalie East Islip 2024
Lexi Zenk Goalie St. Anthony’s 2024 UNC
Liz Byrne Goalie North Babylon 2024
Mackenzie Caldwell Goalie Whitman 2024
Maddie Hoisik Goalie West Babylon 2024
Margie Sulfrano Goalie Sewanhaka 2024
Mary Ford Goalie St. Dominic 2024
Meghan Casey Goalie St. John the Baptist 2024
Mia Nowlan Goalie Comsewogue 2024 ESU
Niamh Pfaff Goalie Garden City 2024
Olivia Hipolita Goalie Port Jefferson 2024
Rebekah Giglio Goalie Middle Country 2024
Ruby Terrell Goalie East Hampton 2024
Ryann Gross Goalie West Islip 2024
Samantha Meyer Goalie CSH 2024
Shae Connors Goalie Sachem North 2024
Shannon Alden Goalie Bayport 2024
Shannon Connors Goalie Sachem North 2024
Stella Quilty Goalie St. Anthony’s 2024 Rutgers
Sullivan Norton Goalie Westhampton 2024
Abby Metz Midfield SWR 2024
Adriana Mavlios Midfield St. Dominic 2024
Alexandra Sim Midfield Sacred Heart 2024
Alexandra Given Midfield Smithtown West 2024
Alexandra Puopolo Midfield Stony Brook School 2024
Alexandra Ruggero Midfield SWR 2024
Alexis Chew Midfield East Meadow 2024 Dominican
Alexis Savage Midfield Stony Brook School 2024 William & Mary
Allie Ridge Midfield Floral Park 2024
Ally Schaefer Midfield East Hampton 2024
Alyssa Leotta Midfield Hills 2024
Alyssa Carofano Midfield St. Dominic 2024
Amanda Sweeney Midfield ESM 2024
Amanda Williamson Midfield Seaford 2024
Amelia Bentley Midfield CSH 2024
Amelia Pirozzi Midfield Ward Melville 2024
Anastasia Angelakis Midfield MacArthur 2024
Angela Taddeo Midfield North Babylon 2024
Angelina Buttigieg Midfield Center Moriches 2024
Anika Berry Midfield Jericho 2024
Anna Cuccio Midfield Massapequa 2024
Anna Wood Midfield Rocky Point 2024 USF
Annie Madden Midfield South Side 2024
Ashlinn Kelly Midfield Farmingdale 2024
Ava Stanza Midfield Herricks 2024
Ava Main Midfield Long Beach 2024 JMU
Ava St. Jeanos Midfield Manhasset 2024
Ava Bensutti Midfield Middle Country 2024
Ava Serie Midfield St. Anthony’s 2024
Ava Brady Midfield St. Dominic 2024
Avani Berry Midfield Jericho 2024
Bella Campa Midfield Commack 2024
Bella Blasi Midfield Kellenberg 2024
Briana Neary Midfield Massapequa 2024
Bridget Palmer Midfield Floral Park 2024
Brooke Kenedy Midfield Babylon 2024
Brooke Vislocky Midfield East Meadow 2024
Brooke Long Midfield St. Anthony’s 2024 Stony Brook
Carlee Ferrara Midfield Northport 2024
Carly Greenbaum Midfield Syosset 2024
Catherine Batterberry Midfield Sacred Heart 2024
Charlotte Hendricks Midfield Bay Shore 2024
Charlotte Salotti Midfield Floral Park 2024
Charlotte Browne Midfield Sacred Heart 2024 Ohio State
Danielle Holder Midfield St. Dominic 2024
Ella Timperio Midfield Long Beach 2024
Ella Serie Midfield St. Anthony’s 2024
Ella Galjanich Midfield Bellmore JFK 2024
Emilia Retzlaff Midfield Ward Melville 2024 Navy
Emily Markovina Midfield Farmingdale 2024
Emily Haugen Midfield St. Anthony’s 2024 Hopkins
Emma Ryan Midfield Baldwin 2024
Emma McGrory Midfield East Hampton 2024
Emma Mclean Midfield ESM 2024 Loyola
Emmanuela Giacomarra Midfield Division 2024
Eva Trimble Midfield St. Dominic 2024
Fallon Juengerkes Midfield East Islip 2024
Gabby Geddes Midfield John Glenn 2024
Gen Decker Midfield St. Dominic 2024
Giulian Arrigo Midfield St. Dominic 2024
Hannah Lewis Midfield Calhoun 2024
Helena Kolhoff Midfield East Hampton 2024
Holly Newman Midfield Manhasett 2024 Cornell
Holly Hardwick Midfield St. Anthony’s 2024
Isabella Montuori Midfield Connetquot 2024
Isabella Margro Midfield Sacred Heart 2024
Ivie Ihaza Midfield Sewanhaka 2024
Jacqueline Sullivan Midfield St. Dominic 2024
Jamie Demert Midfield Bay Shore 2024
Jane Callery Midfield Huntington 2024
Jayden Connolly Midfield Oceanside 2024
Jena Binkis Midfield St. Anthonys 2024 USF
Jenna Kessler Midfield CSH 2024
Jenna Dempsey Midfield Mepham 2024
Julia Fusco Midfield Bayport 2024 Stony Brook
Julia Lopez Midfield New Hyde Park 2024
Julia Murphy Midfield Miller Place 2024
Juliana Mahan Midfield SWR 2024
Kaleigh Schaeffler Midfield Calhoun 2024
Kate Lemery Midfield Bayport 2024 Hofstra
Katelyn Lee Midfield Syosset 2024 Columbia
Kayden Meyer Midfield William Floyd 2024
Kayla Vazquez Midfield Bayport 2024
Kayla Tretola Midfield Island Trees 2024
Kayla McKenzie Midfield Sewanhaka 2024
Kaylee Fravert Midfield Sacred Heart 2024 USC
Kayleigh Corr Midfield St. Anthony’s 2024 Binghamton
Kayli Carannante Midfield Mt. Sinai 2024 Pitt
Kelsey Reifer Midfield Island Trees 2024
Kelsey Nichols Midfield Kellenberg 2024
Kendal Morris Midfield Garden City 2024 Arizona St
Kennedy Radziul Midfield Northport 2024
Kimberly Vosswinkel Midfield Ward Melville 2024
Leah Kaufer Midfield Syosset 2024 Binghamton
Liana Taormina Midfield East Islip 2024
Madelyn Breves Midfield Massapequa 2024
Madison Gillen Midfield Middle Country 2024
Madison Dunleavy Midfield Northport 2024 UVM
Madison Pieloch Midfield SWR 2024
Maeve Barrins Midfield Oceanside 2024
Maggie Zigon Midfield Centereach 2024
Maryjane Timpanaro Midfield Ward Melville 2024
McKenna Farrell Midfield Sayville 2024 Marquette
McKenna Jacobs Midfield St. Dominic 2024 George Washington
Megan Felker Midfield Massapequa 2024 Quinnipiac
Megan Kenny Midfield St. Anthony’s 2024 UNC
Melina Sarlo Midfield East Hampton 2024
Michaela Burke Midfield Commack 2024
Nicole Giannakopoulos Midfield Manhasett 2024 Harvard
Olannah Fikes Midfield Sachem North 2024
Olivia Coffey Midfield Miller Place 2024 Stony Brook
Payton Imhof Midfield Bay Shore 2024
Riley Hetman Midfield Sachem North 2024
Riley Zusi Midfield St. Anthony’s 2024 Ohio State
Rylee Valenzano Midfield Middle Country 2024
Ryleigh Zamora Midfield North Babylon 2024
Samantha Maucere Midfield West Babylon 2024
Sarah Moyer Midfield Smithtown East 2024
Savannah Solomon Midfield Sewanhaka 2024
Skylar Egan Midfield East Meadow 2024
Sofia Knudsen Midfield Mattituck 2024
Sofia Ingenito Midfield Miller Place 2024
Sofia Martini Midfield North Shore 2024
Sofia Zumbrunn Midfield Sachem North 2024
Sophia D’Amato Midfield St. Dominic’s 2024
Stephanie Aguilar Midfield Sewanhaka 2024
Tess Calabria Midfield St. Anthony’s 2024 UNC
Isabella Vieni Midfield/Attack Calhoun 2024
Isabella McGahan Midfield/Attack Connetquot 2024
Lourdes Zacarese Midfield/Attack St. Anthony’s 2024
Riley Murtagh Midfield/Attack Huntington 2024
Sienna Fox Midfield/Attack Port Washington 2024
Sydney Serio Midfield/Attack SWR 2024
Chiara Rutigliano Midfield/Defense Oyster Bay 2024
Faye Gorman Midfield/Defense St. Anthony’s 2024 Siena
Gabriella Torres Midfield/Defense Oyster Bay 2024
Katie Lanning Midfield/Defense Westhampton 2024
Rory Meehan Midfield/Defense Mineola 2024
Sophia Conti Midfield/Defense Babylon 2024 UVA

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