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LI Lacrosse Journal

LILJ Committed Corner – Class of 2022

Class of 2022 Boys

Max Weisman (2022, Defense, Miller Place)- Lehigh: Weisman is a tank in Miller Place’s defensive unit. The junior is never afraid of contact, often bodying his defenders to create an easy turnover. An excellent tracker with a unique lacrosse IQ, Weisman has the ability to change the momentum of the game; he has made significant strides to do so since the 2019 season. Look for the Lehigh commit to having his best season yet.

Dean Metzger (2022, Midfield, Carey)- Providence: Carey’s Metzger will be a crucial part of Carey’s success in 2021. The junior had a stellar 2019 campaign amongst a crowded offense, providing 17 goals, 10 assists for the team. He has a strong passing vision which he has used to space the field and create the best shot. With the team seeing many key departures over the last couple of years, the Providence commit is likely to be at the helm of his team’s offense.

Christian Alacqua (2022, Midfield, Chaminade)- Cornell: The nifty midfielder Alacqua is set to make an impact this year for his Chaminade team. The junior will look to stand out amongst a stacked roster with his distinct combination of speed and scoring ability. He has a laser aim and is known for scoring the off-balance shot. It would no surprise for the recent Cornell commit to going off in 2021.

Colin Delay (2022, Midfield/Attack, Wheatley)- Binghamton:  Delay is an offensive-minded midfielder will a knack for all things scoring. He has the ability to score from range; and with significant stick control, he can maneuver well through traffic.  If his 2019 campaign means anything–25 goals and 11 assists–, it’s that this year will be the Binghamton commit’s beat season yet with the team.

Alex Pfeiffer (2022, Midfield, Sachem North)- Albany: Pfeiffer could possibly be Sachem North’s next great scorer. The recent Albany commit was a part of a loaded offense in 2019 led by Cole Stassi and Frank and Christian Quadrino. With their departure, Pfeiffer is slated for a breakdown season. Look for keen stick work and distinct agility to be huge factors in his success during his 2021 season. 

Patrick Pisano (2022, Defense, Cold Spring Harbor)- Dartmouth: Dartmouth commit Patrick Pisano will step into a larger role for Cold Spring Harber come 2021. After the departures of most of the team’s stars, the junior has a unique opportunity to become a real leader for the team. His excellent stopping ability and significant size will provide the backdrop to the team’s defense in 2021.

Kevin Barrett (2022, Goalie, St. Anthony’s)- Boston University: Barrett is a quick and confident player with the ability to make a real difference in 2021. The junior plays for St. Anthony’s, the powerhouse Parchochial giant with a world of talent. His ability as a goalie is maximized for his feel for the game. Big stops from him often change the momentum of their gameplay. Look for the BU commit to doing his thing in the new year.

Henry Haberman (2022, Attack, Port Washington)- Loyola: With finesse footwork and excellent lacrosse IQ, Port Washington’s Haberman is a threat on offense. The attacker uses his precision scoring ability to his advantage, often making the unbalanced shot look easy. As a great teammate and player, Haberman will be stepping into a greater leadership role in his junior year. Expect the Loyola commit to showing off in 2021.

Dylan Sageder (2022, LSM, Mount Sinai)- Syracuse: Recent Syracuse commit Dylan Sageder is a beast at LSM. Significant strength allows the player to blow by opposing players. He has a strong passing ability that is the most useful one the fast break. Matched with a distinct lacrosse IQ and surprising agility, the Mount Sinai player will aim to have his best season yet amongst a highly talented roster.

Anthony Mollica (2022, Attack, Massapequa)- Hofstra: Mollica will be an asset to Massapequa come springtime. the junior attacker scored 6 goals in 2019 amongst a crowded roster. In 2021, things appear to have changed. Mollica has significantly improved his ability to score from range and make the key pass. The Hofstra commit will almost certainly have his best year yet with the team.

Class of 2022 Girls

Catherine Erb (2022, Midfield, SWR)- Dartmouth: Erb is simply an offensive threat to the rest of her Suffolk County competition. The junior had a spectacular season in 2019, scoring 35 goals on a crowded Shoreham Wading River Roster. She will more than likely be the team’s main scoring threat and take on a key leadership role for the team in 2021. The Dartmouth commit is set to have her best year yet.

Abigail Lyons (2022, Defense, Carle Place)- Notre Dame: The defensive powerhouse Lyons is a steady defender who uses her unique skill set to her advantage. She is a wall of support for Carle Place, known for her ability to move to the ball upfield. Her distinct stamina as a defender allows the opposing team no time to set up, as she is also adept at taking the ball into the midfield. The Notre Dame commit will be a leader in 2021.

Kate Gilliam (2022, Midfield/Attack, North Shore)- Harvard: Offensive-minded Gillam makes the game look easy. The North Shore junior will step into a huge leadership role for the team come the new season. She is a strong, methodical player with a keen lacrosse IQ. This allows her to make the quick cut on offense and get in position for the best shot. The Harvard commit will be an asset to North Shore this coming season.

Erin Hickey (2022, Midfield, Farmingdale)- Richmond: Hickey will play a much larger role on offense in 2021 in contrast to her 2019 season. The team’s midfield led by Erin Shimborske and Amanda Weber saw the team to a 14-3 regular-season record. This season, Hickey looks to follow in their footsteps using her wonderful lacrosse IQ and facilitating ability. Look for her to do everything on the field in 2021.

Madison Taylor (2022, Midfield, Wantagh)- Northwestern: Northwestern commit Madison Taylor is set to go off this season. Over the past couple of years, the Wantagh midfielder has greatly improved her ability to get to the net. Through her incredible agility and significnat speed, she is known to score on the move. Her lacrosse IQ is amongst the best in her class, and she looks to have her bet season yet with the team.

Lauren Dunne (2022, Midfield, ESM)- Butler: Lauren Dunne gets it done in the midfield. The recent Butler commit shows fantastic control, which she uses well in bring the ball down field. She shows incredible strength a midfielder and has a knack for making the key pass. She is set to step up on what will be a young ESM roster. You can expect her to have a solid campaign and play a key leadership role in 2021.

Abigail LoCascio (2022, Attack, St. Anthony’s)- Northwestern: St. Anthony’s Abigail LoCascio is simply scary on offense. There is nothing that she can’t do on the scoring end; she’s incredibly fast with her footwork being amongst the best in her class. A laser of a shot makes the recent Northwestern commit a danger from distance. She has the unique ability to set the pace of the game, something she will certaintly do in the new year.

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LILJ Committed Corner – Class of 2021

Class of 2021 Boys

Ryan Kalberer (2021, Goalie, Comsewogue)- Wentworth Institute of Technology: Kalberer is a wall of problems for opposing offenses. The Comsewogue senior saw little playing time in 2019 amongst a crowded rotation. This is set to change come 2021. The goalie is quick, methodical, and displays a strong IQ during key moments. The Wentworth Institue of Technology senior is set to have his best season yet.

Liam Hassett (2021, Midfield, Huntington)- Siena: Huntington’s Hassett it set to have a big year in 2021. In 2019, the senior scored 14 goals and 4 assists, providing key offensive support. The midfielder has also known to be a two-way player in recent months, making him an essential player for his team. You can expect the recent Siena commit to doing a lot more of the same come the new year.

Vincent Fowler (2021, Defense, Chaminade)- Duke: Chaminade’s Fowler just leveled up. The senior, who plays for a powerhouse Parochial team, has recently committed to Duke University. This is no surprise; his combination of strength and lockdown defense makes him a danger to all opposing offenses. You can expect the senior to play his best games and maintain a huge leadership role for the team this season.

Jack Nichtern (2021, Midfield, Massapequa)- Albany: Nichtern will be an asset for Massapequa’s team come this season. The senior was apart of a loaded offense in 2019. Now, the player will play a major role within the team’s dynamic for his final year. This includes his incredible agility, which he uses to space the field and find his key pass. You can expect the Albany commit to making his mark in 2021.

Robert Moore (2021, Midfield, Westhampton)- Fairfield: Westhampton’s Robert Moore is a titan on offense. The senior midfielder showed off an incredible display of talent in his 2019 campaign. 24 goals and 14 assists are just a fraction of his impact on the rest of the team. Following the departures of key scorers like Tyler Nolan and Jack Gillbride, look for the Fairfield commit to put on a show during the new season.

Norberto Dehoyos (2021, Defense/LSM, Brentwood)- Wingate: Dehoyos is a tank. The defender uses his size and strength as a wall for opposing defenses. Never afraid of contact, the recent Wingate commit has also had his fair share of success at the LSM position. He will be one of the key figures on his Brentwood team and is expected to fill a key leadership role within the team. Expect his to have his best season yet.

Class of 2021 Girls

Tess Ferguson (2021, Attack, Baldwin)- Ithaca: Recent Ithaca commit Ferguson is simply a scoring threat. The senior had an incredible display of offense in 2019, scoring 21 goals and 8 assists. With the departures of Katie Kallamni and Megan Doyle, there’s a clear opportunity for the Baldwin attacker to have her best season yet. Look for Ferguson to make things happen for the team in 2021.

Hayley Hermsdorf (2021, Attack, Center Moriches)- Franklin Pierce: Hermsdorf is one of the top offensive players on the island. In 2019, the attacker earned herself an impressive 42 points including a team-high 26 goals. She is also a fantastic offensive facilitator, has her distinct vision and passing ability earned her 16 assists during the season. The Franklin Pierce commit will put on a clinic in the new season.

Kayla Mitchell (2021, Defense, Center Moriches)-  Millersville University: Center Moriches’s Mitchell is a powerhouse on defense. Her ability to track down the ball in unprecedented; during the 2019 season, the senior won a team-high 39 ground balls and caused 19 turnovers. The Millersville University commit will continue to be a standout player and provide a key leadership role for her final season.


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LILJ 2022 Open Girls All Tournament Team

On Saturday September 18th, the Long Island Lacrosse Journal ran it’s first ever annual event called the “LILJ 2022 Open”.  The top players from the Island came out to Cedar Greek Park in Seaford to showcase their skills, and these girls did not disappoint. With 23 high schools being represented in this tournament, here is the first ever LILJ 2022 Open Girls All Tournament Team!

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On the Rise: William Floyd Boys Lacrosse

The William Floyd Boys team saw a huge loss in 2020: not because of any lack of effort or hard-fought games, but a canceled season that saw the departure of the team’s key players. This includes the team’s offensive frontmen Noah Taylor and Bryan Lubitz, who combined scored an exceptional 39 goals and provided 51 assists in 2019. Head Coach Desmond Megna reflected on the losses, explained that “it was tough to see them go without putting a final stamp on their legacy…but that group changed our program and this year’s group will pick up where they left off and keep moving forward.”

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Young Gun Feature; Megan Kitagawa

Megan Kitagawa is regarded as one of the top players in the class of 2022. The Syosset attack has aided in elevating her game, allowing her to work on shooting to become a more lethal scorer. As a multi sport athlete, she also has tremendous hand eye coordination. The Syosset Braves were a very solid 9-6 in 2019 and look to improve on that record this upcoming season. Kitagawa should have a major role on the team this season, and has full belief that with the chemistry they’ve developed over the years will help Syosset make a deep playoff run. Looking ahead to her days after Syosset, she envisions herself taking her game to the next level and fulfilling her dream of playing in college. Check out more down below about Megan as she recently spoke with the LILJ.

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LILJ 2022 Open Boys All Tournament Team

On Saturday September 18th, the Long Island Lacrosse Journal ran it’s first ever annually event called the “LILJ 2022 Open”.  The top players from the Island came out to Cedar Greek Park in Seaford to showcase their skills, and these boys did not disappoint. With 37 high schools being represented in this tournament, here is the first ever LILJ 2022 Open Boys All Tournament Team!

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Top Recruit Joey Spallina on his Commitment to Syracuse

On September 16, the nations top ranked recruit in the class of 2022 Joey Spallina announced that he will be taking his talents to Syracuse upon graduating from Mt. Sinai. Spallina said that it has always been his dream to play at Syracuse from the moment he started playing lacrosse. The Orange have a long history of winning, and with recruiting premier talent. Spallina will look to etch his name in the history books as one of the great players to wear a Syracuse jersey. He will get to do this wearing the honorary number 22, a number which typically goes to the one who is expected to be the teams best overall player. Spallina is well aware of the pressure that comes with wearing the 22 jersey, but isn’t phased by it. In fact he will look to embrace this honor. His explosive offensive game should fit in seamlessly to the style of play that the coaches run. Read more about Spallina’s commitment to Syracuse down below as he recently spoke with the LILJ.

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The Rivalry: Mt. Sinai vs Shoreham Wading River

The rivalry between Mt. Sinai and Shoreham Wading River is as good as it gets. These two Suffolk County teams have been dominant over the last few years. The Mustangs have made the playoffs six of the last seven years, winning the county championship in 2015 and making it to consecutive county championship games in 2018 and 2019. The Wildcats are the reigning county and state champions. Their 2019 county championship has to be even sweeter, as it came against the rival Mustangs who were undefeated heading into the game in what was an epic 14-13 victory. There’s no doubt that the Mustangs are waiting for the day they play SWR again to get their shot at revenge. On the girls side, the Lady Mustangs have had the edge in this rivalry as of late. All they’ve done is bring home championships. They’ve won six Long Island  titles since 2011, and three-peated for the State Championship in 2015, 16, and 17.  The Lady Wildcats have still been very competitive over the years and always bring their A game when they play against Mt. Sinai. Both teams have plenty of talent on their roster that will stir the pot and keep this rivalry going.

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LILJ Committed Corner Class of 2022 Girls


Jellinne Bonilla (2022, Midfield, Babylon)- UMass: Bonilla is expected to dismantle her Long Island competition in 2021. There is little that your average defense can do to stop the midfielder. Her speed is amongst the best in Suffolk County, which only makes her ability to score from close range an even greater threat. The UMass commit will most likely take control of the bulk of Babylon’s offense this season.

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LILJ Committed Corner Class of 2022 Boys

Joey Spallina (2022, Attack, Mount Sinai)- Syracuse: If you’re following Long Island Lacrosse, you know the name Joey Spallina. The All-American is ranked by many as the top player out of the 2022 class, and for good reason. There seems to be nothing that is missing from his offensive capabilities. Speed, vision, high lacrosse IQ, and a laser beam of a shot; the Syracuse commit will go off next year. 

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